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Powerball for 11/14/2020

Powerball winning results for 11/14/2020: 07-15-18-32-45, Powerball: 20, Power Play: 2

MEGA Millions for 11/17/2020

MEGA Millions winning results for 11/17/2020: 08-13-35-46-68, Mega Ball: 16, Megaplier: 3

The Pick for 11/14/2020

The Pick winning results for 11/14/2020: 07-16-25-28-29-33

Fantasy 5 for 11/17/2020

Fantasy 5 winning results for 11/17/2020: 08-10-22-27-40

Triple Twist for 11/17/2020

Triple Twist winning results for 11/17/2020: 06-08-21-22-30-31

Pick 3 for 11/17/2020

Pick 3 winning results for 11/17/2020: 2-7-7

AZ Lottery Results

All Arizona Lottery retailers will redeem prizes up to $100 and may redeem prizes up to $599. Any prize can be claimed in person at the Phoenix or Tucson office or by mailing your signed ticket to: Arizona Lottery, Box 2913, Phoenix, AZ 85062-2913. A claim form (available at retailers) must be completed for winning prizes of $600 or more.

By mail, to claim winnings of $600 or more, you must send the following: the original ticket with back of ticket filled in and signed, a completed claim form and a photocopy of picture identification. Keep copies for your records. Send the ticket(s) to: Arizona Lottery, Box 2913, Phoenix, AZ 85062-2913.

Arizona Lottery

The Arizona Lottery supports Proposition 107 in the operation of public contracting to prohibit preferential treatment or discrimination against any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin.

AZ Lottery Results

General Fund

By state law, this fund receives a maximum of $31 million dollars annually from the sale of Lottery products. It may also receive additional funds, up to $15.49 million, after money goes to several other specific beneficiaries. Education receives 55.5% of the Lotterys General Fund total.

Arizona Lottery Pick 3

Arizona Lottery and Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport invite media personnel and government officials to attend the ribbon-cutting of the new Arizona Lottery airport location. The days events will include a look at the space, comments from executive director of Arizona Lottery Gregg Edgar, Arizona Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill and a representative from Sky Harbor Airport, as well as an exclusive sneak peek of the new team branded Arizona Cardinals Scratchers tickets.